Time for an introduction

So, 6 months have passed and i feel an introduction is well past due…

I joined Current Cost in November 2009 as the Marketing Coordinator and since then my feet have hit the ground only very occasionally!¬†What a busy and exciting 6 months we have all had. Everyday is different and whizz by, promising new challenges and achievements for the next. Already, I’ve had the chance to be part of events such as the “Rosenblatt New Energy Awards” where Martin picked up his title of “Entrepreneur of the Year”, experience Current Cost hitting the 1,000,000 monitors sold milestone and participate in the Current Cost Connect 4 Challenge!

Last week saw me make my first vlog appearance when we picked our lucky Citroen C2 winner. Steve Williams was selected after we drew his numbers in bingo fashion, to celebrate reaching the one million milestone. Take a look..safe to say i will stick to my day job!

The forthcoming months look busy as ever, so hold tight – there will be many more post from me to come!


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