Connecting the gas meter to Current Cost

John Crouchley‘s been beavering away and has been writing about his new project – connecting his gas meter to the Current Cost Envi. By doing this John has been able to track his electricity and gas usage and been publishing online his gas use as well as electricity to Pachube via Arduino.

In hisĀ  final circuit, the resistor and capacitor values give a time constant of about 0.5 sec and he has added a pull down resistor on the reset line just to make sure it is low unless deliberately increased.used waterslides buy

Once he had built the circuit and connected, John simply fixed the reed switch to the meter and board with the Current Cost development board and two AA batteries into small containertian xiao cheng. To see it all click here.

3 thoughts on “Connecting the gas meter to Current Cost

  1. Tim

    Very interesting. Any news if there is going to be any official support for monitoring gas consumption with Current Cost?

  2. Victor

    I like this idea. I think this will be a great hit if you guys come up with a gas monitor as well to be connected to the envi or the classic device. Please keep trying and testing and hopefully you’ll get it right on!

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