Lets go green with Envi!

So, its here, at last! The Envi (aka CC128) – and the interest has been spectacular.

We’d like to think we did a pretty good job with the Classic – a first in its class, an affordable monitor offering PC connectivity that helped show you wastage and not (just) usage  - of course there’s a huge difference… if you boil a kettle, lets be honest, you’re using it, but what ever was happening at 3:00AM this morning may well have been wastage, that’s the bit we need to attack - that’s the bit you need to see.rubber boats for sale

You should be able to enjoy the investment of your appliances, guilt free … but just turn them off when you aren’t using them. Most of the wastage in your house will probably be small amounts of energy that seem insignificant (just 4Watts left on continually is 1% of the average domestic bill!) … or it’ll be larger items you believe should be left on… well, that freezer in your garage, the one with ice spilling down the side, that’s probably costing you ten times more than it should … get it changed, within a year you’ll have paid for it out of your saved energy costs and you’ll have a lovely new ‘A’ rated appliance to admire.

The Envi has some pretty neat features, you can pair up ten sensors (more on that in a later post), on screen graphing for each, PC data includes: 60 days of high resolution for all ten and seven years worth of all ten - that’s a lot of data! Soon to be available Individual Appliance Monitors (IAMs) will allow you to look closely at appliances in more detail… then reporting back to your PC.

There’s a growing family of products and services being created around the Envi, more tools and more assistance to help you save energy and money – Look out for the C2 logo,  all these products work on the same platform and are compatible.

2 thoughts on “Lets go green with Envi!

  1. Steve Harbauer

    What exactly is C2? Is that “currentcost” as an acronym for the Current Cost radio modem or is it an industry standard that other manufacturers may be using?

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