Current Cost GaSmart is finally here! But what are they? And how do they work?

Designed to monitor your Gas usage, these handy little devices read “impulses” from your gas meters. In most gas meters across the UK a small magnet is housed inside the meter which spins around according to your usage (e.g. 1 revolution per .1m3). Our GaSmart readers monitor each time the magnet passes within a given time frame and converts that into usable information. The readers are designed for ease of use with the Dashboard, connected to this using a NetSmart Bridge, will allow you to see what  your meter reading is. The work on the same OptiSmart transmitter we already have out. The reader will plug into the transmitter and clip onto your meter, once paired up the device will be ready to go.

We offer two standard types of GaSmart reader, optimised for your type of meter and a 3rd available for meters with a direct connection. Information on GaSmart technology, meter compatibility and purchase details can be found at

The Current Cost GaSmart, which includes; GaSmart Reader, Connection Cable, and Transmitter costs £34.95 + P&P




One thought on “Current Cost GaSmart is finally here! But what are they? And how do they work?

  1. Graham

    We have a cc128 piping electricity data into a raspberry pi and would like to add the gasmart to the setup but the product description says we need an EnviR not an Envi for this. On the other hand it says somewhere that the gasmart uses the same transmitter as the optismart, so is it is possible to associate the gasmart with the cc128 and read out and process the pulse data on the pi to get the gas usage that way? It doesn’t seem very EnviRonmentally friendly of us to upgrade the hardware if a few lines of code will do the trick. Thanks in advance for any advice,


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