CES 2012 – a week to remember

Another very exciting and busy CES 2012 show for all,  braving the dry desert wind were the 140 thousand people that made it to CES over the 4 days, which made for a busy South Hall 2. The Consumer Electrical Show in Las Vegas is renowned for launching revolutionary new products and this year it did not disappoint, bringing flying cameras, ‘size 0’ TVs , Big sounds from small speakers, Fifty Cent headphones and a dose of Bebier Fever. Current Cost and its US Partner, were pleased to be amongst those launching new products at the show. Having their US debut were; the NetSmart Wireless Gateway, the EnviRS and the ‘world’s smallest energy monitor’, the Eco Key fob.
It wasn’t all hard work, the social highlight of the Vegas trip was our night of sequins, acrobatics and spandex. This is not a reference to the casual wear of the Current Cost team, but the brilliant Cirque De Solei show ‘O’ at the Bellagio where skilled gymnasts performed death defying stunts, and dives from improbable height into the abyss which was constantly morphing between a traditional stage and an aqua underworld.
So after some great meetings, real tasty food, and a couple of scoops, we had a quick stop in Miami on the way back – to see some Gators in the glades, the beach and some classic cars on south beach boulevard,… it was over for another year.

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