Viva Las Vegas

2011 proved to be a busy and exciting year for the Current Cost team. 2012 looks like it will follow suit as we kick off the New Year with a trip to Las Vegas (no less).
Our team has set sail to take America by storm as they showcase our latest products at the International CES event, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.

Following the success of the Metering, Billing/CRM show in Amsterdam last year, the sales team is keen to launch our most innovative products to date, including the “Worlds Smallest Energy Monitor”. This key fob sized device enables users to remotely view connected appliances around their home. Using this remote control any appliance plugged into a SW IAM (Switchable Individual Appliance Monitor) can also be switched on or off from the comfort of the users sofa or on arrival at their home. An exciting addition to the Current Cost family of products, I’m sure the remote control will prove to be a hit at CES. It certainly caused some excitement in the office when we realised just how easy it would now be to turn off the kids games console!!

Lets hope the guys don’t work to hard whilst away and take time out to enjoy the bright lights of The Strip! I’ve got a feeling they might! Watch this space for highlights of their trip and CES.


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