Exciting times face Current Cost and their one million users, as Google announce Current Cost as their latest featured device partner.

What does this mean to our users?
All existing ENVI and Classic owners that are keen to get started can purchase a Current Cost Data Cable immediately.

For all our Trec users the chance to get a Google PowerMeter enabled device is easy. Trec owners simply need to purchase an ENVI display and Data Cable bundle (sale code: CCPM002) to get started.

Google PowerMeter is a free energy monitoring tool that allows users to view their home’s energy consumption from anywhere online. This free software tool then visualises the information for users to view on their own iGoogle homepage, a personal web portal which enables individuals to create and access a wide range of customisable information, web feeds and Google Gadgets.

Srikanth Rajagopalan, Product Manager for Google states “We’re excited about our partnership with Current Cost which offers a new way for millions of people to save energy and money by using Google PowerMeter.”

Curious how you can get started? Visit www.currentcost.com to find out more.

21 thoughts on “Exciting times face Current Cost and their one million users, as Google announce Current Cost as their latest featured device partner.

  1. Ian Mitchell

    I see you now have a “bridge” device which is in stock but allow 42 days for delivery (confused).
    Question, will this work with the new ENVI R out later this year or should I wait?

    Also on the ENVI R subject how does the “Meter Reader” work and will it handle a LCD KWhr Meter and a analogue dial gas meter?

  2. Elliot West

    Will the Google Powermeter / CurrentCost bridge solution support multiple meters – when using Economy 7 for example?

  3. Shaun

    Mines working great – thanks!
    (Vista 64, Envi)
    For mate, is there a Mac version of connector software?

  4. Derek Kennedy

    I’m a bit concerned that this solution might require me to keep a PC running all day and night. Is this the case? If so, it’s hardly a good way to help save electricity.

    Perhaps I just need to fire up ‘the Bridge’ software once in a while (when my PC happens to be running)?

    Can anybody advise?


  5. Chris Dalby

    Hi Elliot – the first bridge device supports one Current Cost monitor and initially sends the main appliance reading to our broker on the internet.

  6. Chris Dalby

    Hi Derek
    There is a history upload function on the Current Cost Software, so it is not necessary to keep a PC running for the software.

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  9. Steve Harbauer

    Where can we buy the dev board – I have been on this blog, actually shared by Martin Dix and want to buy a few – are they on Ebay or perhaps from your webstore?


  10. David

    I’ve been trying to get the history data off my CC128, but if it’s being transferred via cable, it’s not visible anywhere. Having a link to an explanation of how to retrieve it would help!

  11. Jaydee

    I’m hoping to use my Current Cost EnviR to monitor my new Solar PV Panel installation that was installed yesterday. Just waiting for the “Multi Channel Bridge” to be introduced so that I can have 24/7 monitoring without having my PC on.

  12. Matt Daniels

    Hi Ken – your MSDN article is not dissimilar to how our Energy Station .net app works. Your XML parsing needs a few tweaks though to cope with some of the little gotchas (eg. the US Envi’s have temperature in a different tag – tmprf) and you need to watch out for localisation issues when parsing decimal numbers – just a couple of things that have caught us out in the past!

  13. Liliane Loi

    Hi, when are you guys going to make software for the Mac? I currently have no PC at home and have no plans to buy one. It isn’t really nice to be left out, the Mac is the second most used commercial platform and growing, I feel quite bad that I can’t use my energy monitor fully since there’s no application for the Mac.

  14. Alan

    Well, the Google PowerMeter partnership hasnt lasted long. As someone who bought a bridge, I’m very disappointed to see the functionality disappearing. One of the big advantages of GPM over the CC console was the ability to compare historical usage. Any plans to partner with anyone else, or upgrade the functionality of your own site?

  15. Pierre MULIN

    Hi Chris,

    Could you please detail the history fonction you mention in your post to Derek July 5th 2010 as this is what i am unsuccessfully looking for.

    Thanks in advance for your help,
    Best regards,
    Pierre Mulin

  16. Fernando Gurgel


    I am happy with my EnviR bought via Amazon via PowerSave. However I would really like to have the connection to my computer for data analysis. I tried Enio but it did not work. I installed C2 terminal and is working OK.

    Please advise.


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