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Using the HomeSmart Software

There are many ways that you can get the data from your Current Cost device. Head over to the software downloads page and take a look for desktop software.  You could also use a Netsmart or use a Data Cable with some Web services.  Or if you are an app developer, then take a look at the XML schema or other code examples where you will find extensive code has been written by the online community already.

If you would simply like to download the history data from your Current Cost monitor to a Windows PC, then try our HomeSmart software.

Just send an email to and we will send you the download link along with instructions to install the software.

HomeSmart Welcome Screen

You will need a Data Cable to connect the Current Cost monitor to a PC.  Once you are installed, you can download the data every 30 days to keep the HomeSmart history up-to-date.  You can view your data in a graph for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly views.  Or export the data into your favourite spreadsheet software for further analysis.

If you would like to find out more about the history data and how it is stored in our monitors, then take a look at this article for more information.

Take look at the Current Cost Technical Blog where you will find technical articles, troubleshooting guidelines and developer information.

Seeking a Technology Integration Specialist

We are recruiting a Technology Integration Specialist. This is a new position and would be suited to a recent university graduate or similar.

Salary: Salary according to age and experience

With over 1 million users across the world, Current Cost is the leading global provider of real-time displays. The Current Cost family of innovative products features devices that enable consumers to understand how much energy they use, making it easier to target and reduce energy wastage in the home or workplace. With constant innovation at the heart of the business, we are seeking a Technology Integration Specialist that is capable of identifying and managing the integration of existing 3rd party technology into the Current Cost range of inflatable water slides for sale

A BA/BSc degree is preferable but not essential.

Work Experience
Experience of working with embedded hardware.

Core Competences
Highly motivated, proactive approach to work
Excellent verbal and written communication skills with attention to detail
Project planning and project management
Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills
Excellent knowledge of home automation and energy monitoring products on the market
A keen interest in hardware hacking/mods
A vision of the art of the possible for taking existing hardware and applying a new or different use
Organised, innovative
Finisher and completer with high level of ownership

How to Apply?
To apply for the post, please email chris.dalby [at] currentcost .com