Current Cost GaSmart is finally here! But what are they? And how do they work?

Designed to monitor your Gas usage, these handy little devices read “impulses” from your gas meters. In most gas meters across the UK a small magnet is housed inside the meter which spins around according to your usage (e.g. 1 revolution per .1m3). Our GaSmart readers monitor each time the magnet passes within a given time frame and converts that into usable information. The readers are designed for ease of use with the Dashboard, connected to this using a NetSmart Bridge, will allow you to see what  your meter reading is. The work on the same OptiSmart transmitter we already have out. The reader will plug into the transmitter and clip onto your meter, once paired up the device will be ready to go.

We offer two standard types of GaSmart reader, optimised for your type of meter and a 3rd available for meters with a direct connection. Information on GaSmart technology, meter compatibility and purchase details can be found at

The Current Cost GaSmart, which includes; GaSmart Reader, Connection Cable, and Transmitter costs £34.95 + P&P




Calling time on my garage based fridge freezer

Like many, my new year’s resolution was to drop some pounds, needless to say I quickly failed in this aim….until last week when I saw the light  (energy saving bulb of course)! I realised I was concerned about the wrong type of pounds, maybe it was time to worry less about the content of my fridge freezer and its calorific value and concentrate on how many pounds I had added to my bill to keep it cold!

We’ve all done it, bought a new, modern, A-rated fridge freezer to replace the old, shabby one, but instead of throwing it out our old one takes pride of place in the garage. A vintage appliance museum in my case! Thus, a new resolution was born. Using one of our Individual Appliance Monitors it was time to find out if it cost me more to keep my fridge freezer running than its content was actually worth.

Think about it; fridges freezers are switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it’s no surprise they can be the one of largest contributors to your energy bill, especially when you have several.  And size does matter! Obviously the bigger the appliance the more it will cost to run. I’m really starting to wonder what value my 6ft, old, garage based fridge freezer adds to my life!

At over 15 years old, it’s had a good old life; originally my parents, it was handed down when they bought a replacement and now it may be replaced by its second owner…. me! Its cracked seals mean it runs continuously and for what, to keep the veg not quite past its sell by date cold for another week before I finally throw it away!!???

Now on a mission a little research taught me many fridge freezers aren’t even capable of running properly if the temperature around it drops too low. A Climate Class Rating (new to me) can tell appliance owners the minimum and maximum temp they can operate in. I for one have no idea how cold my garage gets…. it’s often too cold for me to venture into it to find out J

The jury is out. Over 15 years old, broken, empty and placed in an environment its not even designed for, I’m getting rid! Surely, the money I could save by doing so will finance the cost of buying a new one…. let’s see.

The Current Cost IAM allows users to monitor individual appliances around the home. Compatible with TREC, ENVI and EnviR energy monitors this small, easy to use device will allow me to see exactly how much my fridge freezer is using and more importantly costing me per day/month.  Using a Current Cost NetSmart device I am also able to visually track and graph all this information online; so let’s get started.

A month on and I’m a little obsessed! I now have several IAMs around my home and to my partners angst I check what I’m using and how much it’s costing after every cup of tea, washing cycle or blow dry. It’s strangely addictive and hugely rewarding knowing I’m reducing my electricity bills all the time. My findings are now a topic of conversation with anyone who will listen, my greatest lesson… “How much does your fridge freezer cost you to run?” In my case, TOO MUCH!

Because of its age, condition and capacity it ran all day long using on average 3.72 kWh every 24hrs.  Based on a kWh costing 13p, my fridge freezer cost me on average £176.51 per year.  I could buy a new A+ rated fridge freezer offering better energy efficiency with a rate of return of 12months 1 week! That was enough evidence for me; I pulled the plug and my purse felt immediately heavier for it. After some thought I also decided not to replace it. The few rotting vegetables and ancient microwave meals just weren’t worth it. My fridge freezer may now be gone but a valuable lesson will never be forgotten!


Using the HomeSmart Software

There are many ways that you can get the data from your Current Cost device. Head over to the software downloads page and take a look for desktop software.  You could also use a Netsmart or use a Data Cable with some Web services.  Or if you are an app developer, then take a look at the XML schema or other code examples where you will find extensive code has been written by the online community already.

If you would simply like to download the history data from your Current Cost monitor to a Windows PC, then try our HomeSmart software.

Just send an email to and we will send you the download link along with instructions to install the software.

HomeSmart Welcome Screen

You will need a Data Cable to connect the Current Cost monitor to a PC.  Once you are installed, you can download the data every 30 days to keep the HomeSmart history up-to-date.  You can view your data in a graph for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly views.  Or export the data into your favourite spreadsheet software for further analysis.

If you would like to find out more about the history data and how it is stored in our monitors, then take a look at this article for more information.

Take look at the Current Cost Technical Blog where you will find technical articles, troubleshooting guidelines and developer information.

EU IAMs (Schuko version) Now available

We are pleased to announce that the eagerly anticipated EU IAMs are now available to purchase from official Current Cost International Partners and directly from the Current Cost online stores.

IAMs are the perfect accompaniment to any Current Cost energy monitoring solution; allowing users to view the consumption of specific household appliances (Coffee machines and STB/Cable Boxes will surprise you!); and also highlighting any appliances that are wasting energy and no longer running efficiently.

For users of the Current Cost online dashboard, the energy monitoring experience can be enhanced by upgrading to a NetSmart premium account where data from IAMs can be displayed and analysed from the convenience of a PC, laptop or Smart Phone.

Compatible with ALL versions of the TREC / Envi / EnviR and EnviRW Current Cost Displays.

CES 2012 – a week to remember

Another very exciting and busy CES 2012 show for all,  braving the dry desert wind were the 140 thousand people that made it to CES over the 4 days, which made for a busy South Hall 2. The Consumer Electrical Show in Las Vegas is renowned for launching revolutionary new products and this year it did not disappoint, bringing flying cameras, ‘size 0’ TVs , Big sounds from small speakers, Fifty Cent headphones and a dose of Bebier Fever. Current Cost and its US Partner, were pleased to be amongst those launching new products at the show. Having their US debut were; the NetSmart Wireless Gateway, the EnviRS and the ‘world’s smallest energy monitor’, the Eco Key fob.
It wasn’t all hard work, the social highlight of the Vegas trip was our night of sequins, acrobatics and spandex. This is not a reference to the casual wear of the Current Cost team, but the brilliant Cirque De Solei show ‘O’ at the Bellagio where skilled gymnasts performed death defying stunts, and dives from improbable height into the abyss which was constantly morphing between a traditional stage and an aqua underworld.
So after some great meetings, real tasty food, and a couple of scoops, we had a quick stop in Miami on the way back – to see some Gators in the glades, the beach and some classic cars on south beach boulevard,… it was over for another year.

Viva Las Vegas

2011 proved to be a busy and exciting year for the Current Cost team. 2012 looks like it will follow suit as we kick off the New Year with a trip to Las Vegas (no less).
Our team has set sail to take America by storm as they showcase our latest products at the International CES event, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.

Following the success of the Metering, Billing/CRM show in Amsterdam last year, the sales team is keen to launch our most innovative products to date, including the “Worlds Smallest Energy Monitor”. This key fob sized device enables users to remotely view connected appliances around their home. Using this remote control any appliance plugged into a SW IAM (Switchable Individual Appliance Monitor) can also be switched on or off from the comfort of the users sofa or on arrival at their home. An exciting addition to the Current Cost family of products, I’m sure the remote control will prove to be a hit at CES. It certainly caused some excitement in the office when we realised just how easy it would now be to turn off the kids games console!!

Lets hope the guys don’t work to hard whilst away and take time out to enjoy the bright lights of The Strip! I’ve got a feeling they might! Watch this space for highlights of their trip and CES.


Seeking a Technology Integration Specialist

We are recruiting a Technology Integration Specialist. This is a new position and would be suited to a recent university graduate or similar.

Salary: Salary according to age and experience

With over 1 million users across the world, Current Cost is the leading global provider of real-time displays. The Current Cost family of innovative products features devices that enable consumers to understand how much energy they use, making it easier to target and reduce energy wastage in the home or workplace. With constant innovation at the heart of the business, we are seeking a Technology Integration Specialist that is capable of identifying and managing the integration of existing 3rd party technology into the Current Cost range of inflatable water slides for sale

A BA/BSc degree is preferable but not essential.

Work Experience
Experience of working with embedded hardware.

Core Competences
Highly motivated, proactive approach to work
Excellent verbal and written communication skills with attention to detail
Project planning and project management
Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills
Excellent knowledge of home automation and energy monitoring products on the market
A keen interest in hardware hacking/mods
A vision of the art of the possible for taking existing hardware and applying a new or different use
Organised, innovative
Finisher and completer with high level of ownership

How to Apply?
To apply for the post, please email chris.dalby [at] currentcost .com

Exciting times face Current Cost and their one million users, as Google announce Current Cost as their latest featured device partner.

What does this mean to our users?
All existing ENVI and Classic owners that are keen to get started can purchase a Current Cost Data Cable immediately.

For all our Trec users the chance to get a Google PowerMeter enabled device is easy. Trec owners simply need to purchase an ENVI display and Data Cable bundle (sale code: CCPM002) to get started.

Google PowerMeter is a free energy monitoring tool that allows users to view their home’s energy consumption from anywhere online. This free software tool then visualises the information for users to view on their own iGoogle homepage, a personal web portal which enables individuals to create and access a wide range of customisable information, web feeds and Google Gadgets.

Srikanth Rajagopalan, Product Manager for Google states “We’re excited about our partnership with Current Cost which offers a new way for millions of people to save energy and money by using Google PowerMeter.”

Curious how you can get started? Visit to find out more.

Time for an introduction

So, 6 months have passed and i feel an introduction is well past due…

I joined Current Cost in November 2009 as the Marketing Coordinator and since then my feet have hit the ground only very occasionally! What a busy and exciting 6 months we have all had. Everyday is different and whizz by, promising new challenges and achievements for the next. Already, I’ve had the chance to be part of events such as the “Rosenblatt New Energy Awards” where Martin picked up his title of “Entrepreneur of the Year”, experience Current Cost hitting the 1,000,000 monitors sold milestone and participate in the Current Cost Connect 4 Challenge!

Last week saw me make my first vlog appearance when we picked our lucky Citroen C2 winner. Steve Williams was selected after we drew his numbers in bingo fashion, to celebrate reaching the one million milestone. Take a to say i will stick to my day job!

The forthcoming months look busy as ever, so hold tight – there will be many more post from me to come!